Nanlite Unlocks Powerful Spotlight and Spot Projection Kit

Nanlite Announces Two Powerful Spotlights and a Spot Projection Kit

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Nanlite Announces Two Powerful Spotlights and a Spot Projection Kit

Nanlite has announced their brand new range of lighting products, including two powerful spotlights and a new spot projection kit. The new range of lights have been designed to offer the highest possible quality lighting in a variety of applications. The two new spotlights, the Nanlite Forza 500 and the Nanlite Forza 300, offer powerful output and outstanding colour rendering in a compact form factor.

The Nanlite Forza 500 is the flagship of the new range and it offers 500W of total light output. It comes with an adjustable beam angle that ranges from 15° to 55°, allowing you to adjust the spread of light for a variety of applications. The light has an outstanding colour rendering index of 95+, which means that colours will appear true and vivid when lit by the Forza 500.

The Nanlite Forza 300 also offers excellent colour rendering and a wide adjustable beam angle. Although it packs a slightly lower total output of 300W, it offers the same adjustable beam angle as the Forza 500 and the same level of colour rendition. This makes it perfect for applications where a lower level of output is required.

In addition to the two new spotlights, Nanlite has also released the dedicated spot projection kit. This kit includes a special projector, diffuser and barndoor for creating unique and dynamic light shows. The projector is designed to quickly and easily create custom animated projections on any flat surface. Combined with the diffuser and barndoor, this kit is perfect for creating interesting and immersive lighting effects for live performances and events.

Nanlite’s new range of spotlights and spot projection kit provide powerful and dynamic lighting for any application. With outstanding colour rendition and adjustable beam angle, these lights are perfect for creative professionals who demand the highest quality. Whether you’re after a powerful spotlight for a stage production or a unique lighting effect for an event, Nanlite has you covered.

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