Mouth-Watering Dishes Captured by Mica McCook, the Austin Food Guide

Finger-Lickin' Food Photography, with Mica McCook, the Austin Food Guide

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Finger-Lickin’ Food Photography with Mica McCook, the Austin Food Guide

Mica McCook, the Austin Food Guide, teaches aspiring chefs the art of finger-lickin’ good food photography. A renowned food photographer, Mica McCook has taught countless people the art of creating mouth-watering dishes that look as delicious as they are. Through her work, she has inspired a whole generation of foodies to experience the tantalizing taste of home-cooked meals and restaurant creations through well-crafted photos.

The goal is to showcase the beauty that lies within food, no matter how simple or complex the dish is. In a time when food has become a trending topic on social media, it is important to not just share images of food, but to take the time to make sure that each image captures the flavor and its presentation from the cook’s perspective. This is what Mica strives to do: capture the essence of the food served.

Mica teaches her students how to set the stage for as appealing a photo as possible. She teaches everything from background selection to proper equipment usage; from angles to lighting; and from props to plating. Through her teachings, her students not only learn how to take great photos but also how to add a unique spin and professional edge to their work. They also learn the importance of good food styling.

Mica McCook’s students take away valuable practical skills in addition to knowledge about food, photography, food styling, and more. They learn the step-by-step process required to take beautiful food photos – from start to finish. Through her course, every student has a better understanding of how to approach food photography and what they can do to get the desired results. In this way, Mica is preparing them for successful food photography every step of the way.

Food photography is an important part of the culinary arts and Mica McCook is a leader in her field. As the Austin Food Guide, she has helped countless aspiring chefs to capture the beauty of food through photos. With her course, students can take their craft to the next level and gain the skills they need to make the perfect dish that not only pleases their palate but also wows their friends and family.

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