Maximizing Efficiency with Wooden Camera’s Flexible ARRI 35 Cage System

Flexible ARRI 35 Cage System from Wooden Camera

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Introducing Wooden Camera’s Flexible ARRI 35 Cage System

Wooden Camera revolutionizes the ARRI cage with their new flexible system. Wooden Camera, currently a major manufacturer of filmmaking accessories, has recently developed the all-new Flexible ARRI 35 Cage System. The Flexible cage is a complete overhaul of how filmmakers set up their ARRI digital cinema cameras.

What Makes It Flexible?

The design revolutionizes how cameras are accessed and maintained. The Flexible Cage was designed to be modular, letting filmmakers pick and choose the components they need to build an ARRI 35 system. It’s divided into two sections: the baseplate and the accessory cage. The baseplate includes everything needed to attach the camera to either a camera support or a tripod.

Extensive Customization Options

The flexible cage allows users to customize their setup. The accessory cage has multiple mounting points that can be changed around. With multiple screws and a standard dovetail, users can attach one or more ARRI accessories. This makes it easy to switch up the setup for different projects.

Time Savings

The time saved from setup and teardown is incredible. The design of the Flexible ARRI 35 cage system saves precious seconds. It’s quick and easy to attach and detach the camera, so filmmakers can get set up much faster than with a traditional ARRI cage. The flexibility of the system also allows for more efficient prepping of the camera for each new shoot.


Wooden Camera has created one of the most innovative ARRI cages. The Flexible ARRI 35 Cage System has revolutionized the way filmmakers can set up their camera for projects. With extensive customization options and time savings from the quick setup, it’s an essential addition to any collection of ARRI accessories.

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