Maximize Your Video Quality with the JVC GY-HM850 ProHD Kit

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JVC GY-HM850 ProHD Shoulder Mount Camcorder with Fujinon XT17sx45BRMK1 Lens

The JVC GY-HM850 ProHD Shoulder Mount Camcorder is the ideal package for high-end, professional video production. Featuring a Fujinon XT17sx45BRMK1 lens, this camcorder is designed for exceptional image quality with a 4/3-inch bayonet mount lens system. With its removable shoulder pad and flexible mounting options, the GY-HM850 is perfect for capturing high-quality footage in any situation.

Styles & Configurations
The GY-HM850 offers several unique styles and configuration options to suit the needs of any videographer. It comes with two body styles, the CB900 and the LA700, each with their own distinct features. The CB900 is loaded with a host of advanced features, making it perfect for studio and commercial productions. The LA700, on the other hand, is the ideal choice for run-and-gun style filming. Both bodies are compatible with the same lens mount, so you can swap lenses depending on your shooting needs.

The GY-HM850 also comes in a variety of kits that are designed for different production scenarios. The Professional Kit includes a lens, shoulder mount, audio cables, filters, and more. The Cinematic Kit includes a matte box, follow focus, and large-chip HD camera lens. And the Hi-Res Kit, which is the most advanced of the three, includes a 4K resolution camera head for stunning 4K resolution imagery.

The GY-HM850 ProHD Shoulder Mount Camcorder with Fujinon XT17sx45BRMK1 Lens is an all-in-one solution for any video production. Its robust features and numerous configuration options make it a great choice for any filmmaker. With its variety of kits and the removable shoulder pad, the GY-HM850 is the perfect tool for any professional videographer

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