Mastering the Art of Post Processing: On Deck with Jean Fruth, Part 6

On Deck, with Jean Fruth, Part 6: Post Processing Workflow

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On Deck with Jean Fruth, Part 6: Post Processing Workflow

In this installment of “On Deck with Jean Fruth,” we will be exploring the post processing workflow of renowned sports photographer Jean Fruth.

Importing and Organizing Images

After a shoot, Jean imports her images into her computer and organizes them into folders based on the event or subject. This helps her keep track of her work and find specific images quickly when needed.

Basic Editing and Culling

Once the images are organized, Jean begins the process of basic editing and culling. She goes through each image, selecting the best ones and discarding the rest to streamline the post processing workflow.

Color Correction and Retouching

Next, Jean focuses on color correction and retouching, making adjustments to exposure, contrast, and color balance to enhance the overall look of the images. She also takes care of any minor imperfections or distractions within the photos.

Specialized Editing and Effects

In some cases, Jean may apply specialized editing techniques and effects to certain images to create a specific mood or visual impact. This involves the use of advanced post processing tools and software to bring her creative vision to life.

Exporting and Archiving

Finally, Jean exports the finalized images and archives them in her digital library for future use. She also creates backups of her work to ensure that she never loses any of her valuable photographic content.

By following this post processing workflow, Jean Fruth is able to produce stunning, high-quality images that capture the essence of sports and athleticism.

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