Mastering the Art of Podcasting: How to Improve Your Mic Technique

Proper Mic Technique for Podcasting

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Proper Mic Technique for Podcasting

Positioning a microphone for best sound quality is important for successful podcasting. Recording a successful podcast requires using the proper mic technique. There are a few key tips to making sure you get the best sound quality from your microphone for podcasting. These tips include the right mic placement, choosing the right mic type, and mic analysis.


The most important part of mic placement is the right distance for the source. When podcasting, the microphone should be close enough to the source so that the sound is recorded clearly, but not so close that it’s too loud or ambient noise can be heard. You’ll also want to position the mic off-axis, facing the source at an angle, to reduce air pressure waves from striking the diaphragm directly. The mic should also be placed at ear-level, so that when your guests are speaking they won’t have to strain to hear their own voice.

Types of Microphones

Different types of microphones have different sensitivities and will suit different jobs. Depending on the type of podcast you’re recording, you’ll need to choose the right microphone to fit your needs. You’ll want to look for one with a wide frequency range and a good polar pattern. USB microphones are often the easiest to use, but if you’re recording in a broadcast format, XLR microphones are the best choice.

Mic Analysis

Using a frequency analysis tool helps ensure that the mic will capture all of the content you need. After setting up the microphone, it’s important to do a frequency analysis to make sure the source audio is being captured properly. You can do this with a frequency analyzer, such as the freeware tool SPL (sound pressure level) Meter, or use a more advanced tool like Izotope Insight. Doing this analysis ensures that the mic is capturing all of the content you need.

Follow these mic tips and you’ll be well on your way to recording a successful podcast. Proper mic technique is essential for podcasting. With the right mic placement, the correct mic type, and analysis to ensure you’re capturing all of the source sound, you’ll be well on your way to recording a successful podcast.

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