Mastering the Art of Light: A Workshop with Photography Icon Joe McNally

Hard Light, Soft Light, and Fashion Light, with Joe McNally

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Understanding Different Lighting Techniques in Fashion Photography

Featuring Joe McNally

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Hard Light

Hard light creates strong, defined shadows and highlights, giving a more dramatic and edgy look to the subject. In fashion photography, hard light can be used to create a bold and high-contrast image, often highlighting textures and details in the clothing and accessories.

Soft Light

Conversely, soft light produces gentle, diffused shadows and highlights, resulting in a more flattering and natural look. Soft light is commonly used in fashion photography to create a soft, ethereal feel, perfect for showcasing delicate fabrics and creating a dreamy atmosphere.

Fashion Light

Fashion light is a term coined by renowned fashion photographer Joe McNally, referring to the use of dynamic and creative lighting techniques to create captivating and impactful fashion images. This approach often involves experimenting with various light sources, modifiers, and angles to achieve a unique and striking visual narrative.

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