Mastering Portraits & Architecture: Kevin Ames Illuminates the Power of Continuous Light

Portraits & Architecture with Continuous Light, with Kevin Ames

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Portraits & Architecture with Continuous Light

Featuring Kevin Ames

Continuous light is a versatile tool for photographers, allowing them to capture stunning portraits and showcase architectural details with ease. We sat down with renowned photographer Kevin Ames to discuss the benefits of using continuous light in these two distinct types of photography.

Creating Dramatic Portraits

When it comes to portrait photography, the use of continuous light can create a soft and natural look that enhances a subject’s features. Ames explains that with continuous light, photographers have the ability to see exactly how the light falls on the subject, allowing for precise adjustments to achieve the desired effect.

Furthermore, continuous light provides a constant source of illumination, making it easier for photographers to communicate and collaborate with their subjects without the distraction of bright flashes or strobes. This can result in more relaxed and genuine expressions, ultimately leading to more compelling portraits.

Highlighting Architectural Details

Architectural photography often relies on showcasing the intricate details and unique design elements of buildings and structures. Continuous light is an invaluable tool for capturing these features, as it allows photographers to carefully illuminate and emphasize specific areas of interest.

Ames notes that continuous light also provides a consistent and even illumination across the entire scene, which is crucial for capturing the full scale and grandeur of architectural spaces. This ensures that every aspect of the composition is well-lit and accurately represented in the final image.


As Kevin Ames emphasizes, continuous light offers photographers the flexibility and control needed to create stunning portraits and showcase architecture in the best possible light. Whether in a studio setting or out in the field, the use of continuous light can elevate the quality and impact of these two distinct types of photography.

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