Mastering Portrait Posing Made Easy with Simple Tips

Portrait Posing Simplified

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Portrait Posing Simplified

Knowing a handful of basic posing rules can make difficult posing decisions a breeze. When it comes to shooting portraiture, posing your subject can be one of the most daunting tasks. Trying to come up with creative and original poses that flatter your subject can be a time consuming process. Luckily, there are a few basic posing rules that can help make the task much easier.

Know the Basics

The fundamentals of portrait posing are fundamental for a reason. Understanding the basics of portrait posing will provide you with a strong foundation that you can then build upon. Some of the classic portrait posing rules to keep in mind include keeping the body facing squarely towards the camera, not allowing the arms to extend too far from the body, and having the head tilted slightly from the shoulders. Keeping these basic posing principles in mind will make it much easier to create successful poses.

Understand the Angle

When shooting, it is important to consider the angle at which you are viewing your subject. Taking the time to determine the best angle for your portrait will result in a much more flattering shot. Generally, it is best to position the camera at a slight angle to the subject – this will give you a more dynamic view than shooting straight on. Additionally, shooting from below or above can help provide an interesting perspective and help to emphasize certain features.

Add Variety

Trying different poses and angles can help you to find the perfect shot. It is important to not be afraid to experiment when posing your subjects – try out different positions, angles, and postures. Varying the poses you use will make for a more interesting and creative portfolio. Additionally, don’t be afraid to step in and adjust your subject’s pose to really get the shot you want. If you are uncomfortable doing this, try providing gentle cues such as asking them to move their arm or tilt their head.


Posing your subjects need not be an overwhelming task. By taking the time to learn the basics of portrait posing, understanding your angles, and experimenting with different poses, you can quickly create beautiful and successful portraits. With practice and dedication, you can master the art of portrait posing in no time.

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