Mastering Portrait Photography: A Step-by-Step Guide with Mark Seliger

Creating Iconic Portraits, with Mark Seliger

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The Art of Creating Iconic Portraits with Mark Seliger

Capturing Personality – When it comes to creating iconic portraits, Mark Seliger believes that the key is to capture the essence and personality of the subject. Whether it’s a celebrity or a regular person, Seliger seeks to reveal the true character of the individual through his lens.

Choosing the Right Setting – Seliger emphasizes the importance of choosing the right setting for the portrait. Whether it’s a studio, outdoor location, or a specific environment that holds significance to the subject, the setting can greatly impact the overall impact of the portrait.

Lighting and Composition – Seliger pays careful attention to lighting and composition in his portraits. He believes that the right combination of light and shadow can create a captivating and iconic image. Additionally, he focuses on composing the shot in a way that draws the viewer in and creates a sense of intimacy with the subject.

Establishing a Connection – In order to capture the true essence of the subject, Seliger emphasizes the importance of establishing a connection with them. Whether it’s through conversation, body language, or simply taking the time to understand the individual, Seliger believes that building a rapport with the subject is crucial in creating a memorable portrait.

Embracing Authenticity – Seliger is a firm believer in embracing authenticity in his portraits. He seeks to capture moments of vulnerability, emotion, and rawness, rather than relying on posed or contrived images. This approach allows Seliger to create portraits that feel genuine and relatable to the viewer.

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