Master Portrait Posing Easily: Insider Tips from B&H eXplora

Portrait Posing Simplified | B&H eXplora

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Portrait Posing Simplified

Efficiently posing your portrait subjects can be a tricky task—one that often requires a great deal of patience and experience. However, with the right guidance and a few simple tips, amateur photographers can rapidly improve their results. The B&H Explora team has put together some insightful info and helpful tips to get you on your way.

Physical Considerations

Pay attention to the key body parts of your subjects. Some of the more important elements include the eyes, the chin, the arms and hands, as well as the legs and feet. If a person’s eyes look displeasing or are closed, their chin is too high or their arms and legs are not in lined up in a pleasing way, the portrait will not likely look as good as you’d hoped.

Dress and Accessories

Be aware of your subject’s dress and accessories. These also contribute to the success of any portrait. Assess the colors and patterns they’re wearing and consider how they will make them stand out in the image, without competing with their other features. Of course, it’s important to pay attention to restrictive clothes or accessories as well.

Environment and Props

The environment and props used in a portrait can make or break a photo. They can bring the image to life and give it its focus, or they can take away from the portrait—and even detract from it. Choose your background carefully and, if a prop is needed, keep it minimal.

Facial Expression and Emotion

The way in which your subject’s facial expression is captured is essential for portrait success. Be aware of the emotion being shown and try to capture real expressions without forcing it. This will ensure the viewer really connects with the person in the photograph and gives the portrait a beautiful, natural look.

Portrait Posing Made Easy

By following the advice above, you should notice a difference in the way you move and position your portrait subjects. Keep these tips in mind and practice whenever possible. The tips found in this article will help to simplify the process of portrait posing.

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