Mark de Paola & Phil Penman on Shooting with Leica Cameras: An Inside Look

Leica Stories: In Conversation, with Mark de Paola and Phil Penman

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Leica Stories: In Conversation with Mark de Paola and Phil Penman

Leica Stories brings together two of the world’s most celebrated and renowned photographers, Mark de Paola and Phil Penman. Through an insightful and intimate conversation, the two photographers share with us their stories, their passion for photography, and the unique Leica cameras they each use for their art.

The Business of Photography Both de Paola and Penman have made their mark in photos, shooting some of the most iconic images of the last few decades. As well as answering questions about the craft of photography, the two photographers have some good advice to offer about running a photography business. They both emphasise the importance of connecting with and learning from other photographers, taking time to develop your craft and staying true to yourself.

Leica Cameras Beyond the technical aspects of photography, de Paola and Penman talk about their work with Leica cameras. Penman speaks about his experience capturing candid images of celebrities with his digital Leica, and de Paola explains his preference for film cameras. Both photographers highlight the importance of using technology with intuition in order to get the best shot.

The Contrast of Black & White One of the topics discussed between the two photographers is their appreciation of the contrast between black and white photography. Both de Paola and Penman agree that using black and white images can add a dramatic effect to their photos, and that sometimes their most meaningful shots are in black and white.

Final Thoughts At the end of their conversation, de Paola and Penman give advice to aspiring photographers. They both agree that experimentation is key to finding your vision and style, as well as embracing mistakes and your own unique way of seeing the world.

Mark de Paola and Phil Penman’s conversation with Leica Stories is one to be remembered for its insight and advice on photography. Through the two photographers’ words, anyone with an interest in photography can learn something from their perspective and experiences.

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