Make Your Holiday Photos Stand Out with Tips from Pro Photographer Chris Orwig

Holiday Family Photos that Stand Out, with Chris Orwig

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Holiday Family Photos That Stand Out

Chris Orwig, an professional photographer, has the inside scoop about what makes a successful holiday family photo.

The holidays are an important time to connect and create memories. As families gather, many opt to take a holiday photo. The right preparation helps make sure the image stands out.

When taking a holiday family portrait, most people think about the clothing. Chris suggests coordinating colors, but avoiding exact matching. He also suggests staying away from busy patterns, textured fabrics, and crazy colors.

There is an order to consider when setting up the photo. Start with the youngest and work your way up, putting the most important family member in the middle. This could be as simple as a family of four with mom in the center.

The way that people are placed together in the photo is also important. Chris advises breaking down a family into smaller groups or trios and considering how everyone looks at the camera. If members are close, or it is a big family, play with the positioning to make sure the faces are all proportional.

To make sure everyone looks their best, light is important. Natural light is best, avoid really sunny days. If shooting inside, choose a large window with even light, or use a softbox light with white backdrop.

Perhaps the most important aspect of a successful holiday family photo is emotion. Capture genuine fun and laughter. Chris suggests giving instructions and not posing – let the family create natural expression.

Making the effort to create a stand-out holiday family photo will provide memories for many years to come.

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