Mackie Unveils DLZ Creator Adaptive Digital Mixer for Podcasts and Live Streams

Mackie Announces DLZ Creator Adaptive Digital Mixer for Podcasting and Streaming

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Mackie Announces DLZ Creator Adaptive Digital Mixer for Podcasting and Streaming

Mackie introduces its next generation DLZ Creator adaptive digital mixing system designed for podcasting and streaming. This cutting-edge technology offers groundbreaking hardware and software features to help podcasters and streamers create incredible content quickly and easily.

The DLZ Creator features the advanced DSP and workflow native to the DL32R mixing system. This technology makes it easy to craft stunning sounding productions with the ability to mix any combination of sources, from mics to streaming audio, with advanced dynamic routing and other advanced sound processing features.

The DLZ Creator is designed to facilitate collaboration and creativity. It includes an intuitive touchscreen interface that allows users to quickly and easily adjust settings and make precise adjustments to their mix. It also includes a built-in streaming mixer, so users can easily change up their mix on the fly without having to stop and start streaming.

The DLZ Creator also comes with a suite of powerful software tools. This includes a powerful multi-track editor for editing, mixing, and mastering audio recordings, as well as a flexible track sequencer to help streamline workflow. Additionally, the DLZ Creator integrates seamlessly with the popular Shure SM7b podcast microphone.

The DLZ Creator takes the hassle out of podcast recording and streaming. Its advanced hardware and software features make it simple for content creators to quickly and easily create incredible audio production. It is the perfect solution for podcast makers and streamers looking to take their productions to the next level.

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