Lorex Unveils Updated Fusion Collection Series for 2020

Lorex Expands Its Fusion Collection Series

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Lorex Expands Its Fusion Collection Series

Lorex, a leader in home security, is proud to announce the expansion of its Fusion Collection series of IP-based surveillance system. The product line now includes four HD cameras, multiple storage card options and the latest Edge-Plus DVRs. With the Fusion Collection, Lorex provides customers with a complete surveillance solution that can be customised for their individual needs.

The new Fusion Collection cameras deliver High Definition video. Equipped with outstandingly sharp infrared night vision, these cameras are capable of capturing images up to 30 meters away. The advanced image enhancement technology ensures that all footage is clear and crisp, no matter the ambient lighting.

Lorex’s Edge-Plus DVRs offer a range of storage options. From 4TB up to 8TB, customers can select the storage capacity that is right for them. Furthermore, with the Edge-Plus DVRs, users can access their system and view video footage remotely from anywhere in the world.

The Lorex Fusion Collection provides peace of mind. Thanks to the expansive system features, customers are able to take their security to the next level. With a complete surveillance solution, users can be confident in the knowledge that everyone and everything within their scope of protection is safe and secure.

The Fusion Collection Caters to the growing demand of advanced security solutions. Lorex continues to bring the highest standards of home monitoring to users worldwide. To learn more about the Fusion Collection and its latest expansion, please visit https://www.lorextechnology.com.

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