Light Up Your Workspace with the GVM LED Video Soft Light

GVM LED Video Soft Light (Daylight-Balanced) LS-p80s LED P80S-2

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GVM LED Video Soft Light (Daylight-Balanced) LS-p80s LED P80S-2

The GVM LED P80S-2 is an innovative LED Soft Light that provides seamless illumination in any lighting application. This new LED soft light is designed to replace traditional soft light lamps, offering adjustable colors and better brightness control to create the perfect lighting conditions for any project. It is designed for use in both daylight-balanced and tungsten-balanced environments. The P80S-2 is perfect for both indoor and outdoor video shoots, as it is durable and weatherproof.

The P80S-2 features an efficient design that is easy to set-up and use. It has a minimum power draw of only 80W, which is considerably less than traditional soft lights. It also has adjustable brightness enabling you to achieve a desired lighting level without using additional dimmers or gels. Additionally, the P80S-2 is lightweight and easy to carry, making it ideal for professional video shoots, live events, and outdoor locations.

The P80S-2 also offers excellent light quality. It has a CRI rating of 95+ and a flicker free TLCI of 97+, allowing you to capture the highest quality images in any lighting situation. It also provides a smooth, even illumination across its 192 LEDs, making it perfect for evenly lighting up a wide variety of scenes. The P80S-2 is equipped with an adjustable color temperature range of 6200-9200K, enabling you to match both outdoor and indoor conditions.

The GVM LED P80S-2 is an ideal lighting solution for any photographer or videographer. Its efficient design, adjustable brightness, and excellent light quality make it a great choice for any lighting application. Whether you’re shooting in a studio or in a live event setting, the LS-p80s LED P80S-2 will help you capture the perfect shot.

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