Light Up Your Shots with the Amaran F22c 2×2 RGB LED Light Mat!

amaran F22c 2 x 2' RGB LED Flexible Light Mat (V-Mount)

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Amaran F22c 2 x 2′ RGB LED Flexible Light Mat (V-Mount)

This state-of-the-art photography light mat offers a wide variety of features that enable photographers to create stunning visuals. The Amaran F22c is a 2 x 2′ RGB LED flexible light mat that provides the perfect solution for photographers looking to create dramatic lighting effects. This light mat features 600 LED beads, each one providing up to 90 lumens of power. This allows for precise control over the brightness of the lights, allowing for more creative professional lighting results.

The flexibility of this light mat makes it the perfect choice for a variety of applications. Its design allows for unprecedented versatility, with the ability to be bent and curved into nearly any shape. This makes it the ideal choice for lighting a scene from any angle. The Amaran F22c also boasts a durable V-Mount bracket, allowing for easily portable setup and teardown.

In addition to its outstanding design, the Amaran F22c features advanced controls that allow photographers to easily manipulate the light’s hue and saturation. Using DMX control, photographers can easily adjust the colors of the LED beads for a wide array of vibrant colors. The light mat also offers the ability to instantly select from pre-stored lighting scenarios, giving photographers a wide range of presets to choose from.

The Amaran F22c is the perfect choice for photographers looking for an advanced solution for their lighting needs. Its robust design, versatile form factor, and advanced controls make it an ideal choice for any photography setup. With its ability to easily bend and curve into nearly any shape, the Amaran F22c is the perfect way to bring professional lighting to any scene.

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