Light Up Your Life with the GVM 1200D RGB LED Light Panel Kit

GVM 1200D RGB LED Light Panel (3-Light Kit) GVM-1200D-3L B&H

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GVM 1200D RGB LED Light Panel

Introducing the GVM 1200D RGB LED Light Panel, a 3-Light Kit that delivers powerful and adjustable illumination. The GVM 1200D is a great way to take your photography or video lighting to the next level as it offers 1200 LED’s with adjustable brightness and color temperature. Featuring an adjustable color temperature from 3000K to 6500K, this LED panel offers three 200w bulbs that can be adjusted using an included remote control. You can dim each light individually or together to create the perfect lighting scene for your project. Not only that, the GVM 1200D also boasts built-in RGB color mixing, allowing you to customize the mood of your photography or video.

The GVM 1200D RGB LED Light Panel offers superior adjustability and versatilty. With its included light stand, the GVM 1200D can be easily mounted to create a variety of lighting effects. The unit also comes with adapter brackets and Velcro straps that make it easy to attach the LED panel to any desired surface. For added mobility, the GVM 1200D includes a built-in handle for easy transportation or storage.

The GVM 1200D is the perfect solution for the discerning professional. With its intuitive controls and versatile mounting options, the GVM 1200D RGB LED Light Panel is the ideal choice for photographers and videographers who want complete control over their lighting. You can trust the GVM 1200D to provide consistent and powerful illumination that helps you capture the best possible shots.

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