Light Up Your Life with iFootage SL1 130DNA Anglerfish LED Light

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iFootage SL1 130DNA Anglerfish LED Light

Light up your creative workspace with the latest from iFootage – the SL1 130DNA Anglerfish LED Light! This ultra-versatile lighting solution is perfect for photography and video, providing you with both powerful illumination and precise color control. The SL1 features an innovative design, boasting a range of features to make lighting a breeze. The included Soft Diffuser Light Sock is great for achieving an even spread of light, while the 130 DNA chips provide superb, accurate color reproduction.

Customisable Color Temperature & Brightness

Get LIT with full control over your light’s color temperature and brightness. The innovative and intuitive control wheel on the SL1’s back panel allows you to select your desired color temperature (ranging from 3200K to 5600K), while the brightness of the light can be adjusted from 0-100%. This makes it easy to create the perfect lighting for your environment.

Compact Design and Battery Powered

Carry your very own portable lighting kit wherever you go. To provide greater portability, the SL1 is powered by a rechargeable battery, giving you two hours of continuous lighting on a full charge. With its compact design, the SL1 can easily fit into any camera bag or backpack – allowing you to take your lighting wherever you need it.

Multiple Mounting Options

Easily attach your light to almost any surface. Included in the SL1 package are multiple mounting options, such as a hot shoe mount, 1/4-20 UNC screw, or the sturdy magnetic mount pad. This makes it perfect for mounting it onto a range of surfaces like tripods, booms, vehicles, and more.


Whether for photography or video, the SL1 130DNA Anglerfish LED Light is the perfect solution for powerful and precise lighting. It offers an innovative design, customisable colour temperature and brightness, as well as multiple mounting options. With its compact and battery powered design, the SL1 takes convenience and ease of use to a whole new level. Get creative and get lit with the SL1 130DNA Anglerfish LED Light and Soft Diffuser Light Sock!

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