Lensbaby Unveils Revolutionary Omniversal Lens Collection

Lensbaby Announces Omni Universal Collection

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Lensbaby Announces Omni Universal Collection

The acclaimed creative lens and optics company has exciting new offerings for analog and digital photographers. Lensbaby, the renowned creative optics company that has gained the admiration of photographers worldwide, has recently announced the new ‘Omni Universal Collection’, an assemblage of 10 different lenses that can combine to shoot both digital and analog formats.

High-quality lenses suitable for all types of cameras. The collection includes a range of lenses to suit both professional and amateur photographers, including a super wide angle 12mm lens for full frame digital cameras, a 50mm normal lens and an 80mm telephoto lens. All lenses are made with the highest quality materials and feature anti-reflective coating and a 9-blade aperture to capture stunning images with greater clarity and detail.

A creative combination of optics for perfect shots. With the Omni Universal Collection, photographers have the ability to create custom combinations of lenses for creative projects or to achieve a certain look for their images. Enthusiasts of slr photography can shoot with the combination of a digital and an analog format. Additionally, the lenses can be adapted to a range of camera bodies, from tech cameras to smartphones.

An impressive addition to any photographer’s arsenal. With the added versatility and creative possibilities this collection provides, it’s no wonder Lensbaby has become a go-to resource for photographers. The Omni Universal Collection is an impressive addition to any photographer’s arsenal, providing the perfect combination of quality, creativity and flexibility.

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