Lensbaby Unveils Revolutionary Omni Universal Collection

Lensbaby Announces Omni Universal Collection

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Lensbaby Announces Omni Universal Collection

Lensbaby unveils a new collection of universal lenses designed to give photographers a unique edge. Lensbaby, the innovative lens company that believes in inspiring creative expression, has announced an exciting addition to its lineup of optics: the Omni Universal Collection. As the name implies, the Omni collection allows photographers to use any of its lenses on any camera, no matter the mount or sensor size.

Lensbaby Culls the Best of the Best to Provide Professionals with a Creative Advantage. Each Omni lens is a hand-selected combination of individual lens elements from a variety of optical formulas. Lensbaby has culled the best of the best from its vast collection of source lenses to bring photographers of all skill levels an unprecedented arsenal of creative tools.

The Omni Collection is An Investment into Creativity. The Omni Collection is a great investment for photographers who are looking to explore new ways of seeing and capture unique angles. All Omni lenses come with a robust selection of premium features, including full-frame coverage, weather-sealing, and a focus-clutch mechanism for easy switching between manual and auto modes.

A Portable, All-in-One Package. The Omni Collection is a powerful yet portable package that provides photographers with limitless creative potential. Whether you’re a professional seeking to capture unique angles with precision, or an enthusiast simply looking for more ways to express yourself creatively, the Omni Collection has something for everyone.

Start Unlocking New Perspectives. Lensbaby’s Omni Universal Collection is a must-have accessory for any photographer looking to unlock new perspectives. If you’re a professional looking to bring a unique edge to your work, or if you’re just starting to explore the world of creative photography, the Omni Collection can provide all the lenses you need in one convenient package.

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