Leica Q2: ‘Dawn’ Edition by Seal Digital Camera

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Leica Q2 “Dawn” by Seal Digital Camera

Seal Digital Camera presents a special edition of the renowned Leica Q2 camera – the Leica Q2 “Dawn”

Leica Camera has released a stunning special edition of its renowned Leica Q2 camera. Dubbed the Leica Q2 “Dawn” Edition, the camera is inspired by the winter morning sky and the precious moments of dawn. Designed by Seal Digital Camera, this limited edition Leica Q2 special edition features an intricate engraving of a winter scene of trees, snow, and clouds with a special sunrise on the top plate.

A specialty Leica Q2 with an engraving of a winter scene

The beautiful engraving is made with laser-cutting technology to create intricate details and a lifelike scene of a winter morning. On the top plate of the Leica Q2 the engraved trees, snow, and other pieces of the scene reflect the dusk light from the blue and pink hues of a winter sunrise. The engraving on the interchangeable engineering resin camera base is so detailed that it almost looks like a miniature painting of a wintery day.

A unique Leica X2 package

In order to complete the package experience, Leica Camera also offers a few other accessories with the Leica Q2 “Dawn” camera. The package specifically includes a matching Leather Half Case from Leica Camera with an engraved plate that continues the engraving pattern. In addition, the package accessories also include a “Dawn Edition” badge, a velvet carrying pouch, and a cleaning cloth.

A special Leica product

The Leica Q2 “Dawn” Edition is a very special product from Leica Camera. For photographers looking for a unique and extraordinary product, this special edition is the perfect item to add to a collection. It is also ideal for Leica fans and camera enthusiasts who appreciate a carefully crafted camera with a unique design and special features

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