Learn the Difference: TV Cameras, Broadcast Cameras & Studio Cameras

TV Cameras | Broadcast Cameras & Studio Cameras

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TV Cameras: Broadcast & Studio

Television cameras have come a long way since their invention. With the ever-evolving technology, camera design has seen incredible advancements that have revolutionized the TV industry. As a result, there are now a variety of types of TV cameras used today, from traditional studio cameras to the newer digital broadcast cameras.

Broadcast Cameras

Broadcast cameras are typically used in high-traffic, on-location settings. With their small, lightweight design, they are great for capturing the action on the go. Some broadcast cameras also allow for remote operation, allowing operators to operate the camera without needing to be physically near it. The combination of portability and remote operation makes broadcast cameras ideal for news and sports coverage.

Studio Cameras

Studio cameras are primarily used in enclosed TV studios and production sets. They offer greater control and precision of image capture due to their larger size. Studio cameras can be placed on a long-distance, articulated arm allowing for complex camera movements. This type of camera also boasts superior image quality and frame rates, making them very popular for studio-based productions.


TV cameras have come a long way in terms of design and technology. They have made it possible for content creators to capture the action on the go, as well as the highest quality of image in studio environments. Whether you’re looking for a lightweight broadcast camera or a powerful studio camera, there’s sure to be a TV camera to meet your needs.

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