Learn the Basics of Black-and-White Photography with These 5 Tips!

5 Beginner Black-and-White Photography Tips

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5 Beginner Black-and-White Photography Tips

Experiment With Filters – Taking pictures in black and white can be as simple as setting your camera to monochrome mode, however, the use of physical filters can add an extra dimension to your shots.

Use Long Exposures – Longer exposures allow for a greater sense of time to be included in the picture and lend to the unique dynamic that this mode of photography is known for. Doing this will allow you to capture the movement of subjects in a scene, creating truly stunning compositions.

Set Contrast Levels Judiciously – As black and white photography relies on tonal differences, it is important to pay attention to contrast. This can be achieved in-camera through the use of contrast control settings or afterwards through post-processing software.

Look for Textures – One of the great things about black and white photography is that it emphasizes texture, since color is removed from the equation. This can lead to some absolutely stunning compositions.

Don’t Fear the Grain – Many photographers are put off the idea of shooting in black and white due to its (in)famous graininess. However, this grainy look can add an interesting depth and texture to a picture.

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