Laowa Unveils Ultra-Compact Full-Frame Ranger Zoom Lenses

New Compact, Full-Frame Ranger Zoom Lenses from Laowa

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New Compact, Full-Frame Ranger Zoom Lenses from Laowa

Laowa has unveiled their newest addition to their full-frame lens lineup: the Laowa Full Frame Ranger Zoom Lenses. This new range of lenses has been designed to be compact, lightweight, and offer exceptional performance levels for photographers. This new lens lineup comes with five options, covering a range of focal lengths from 12-60mm for full-frame cameras.

The Laowa Ranger Zoom lenses feature a unique optical design that allows them to maintain their compact form and light weight. They have a maximum aperture of f/2.8 across the entire zoom range, making them ideal for low-light photography. The lenses feature top-notch optical performance with low aberrations and minimal chromatic aberration. In addition, they feature a 77mm filter thread that allows for easy attachment of lens filters.

The range of zoom lenses from Laowa is designed for both professional photographers and enthusiast shooters. The lenses offer great performance levels for landscape and outdoor photography, as well as portrait photography. They are easy to use, and the compact form factor makes them great for travel photography. Additionally, the lenses are designed with a durable weather-sealed construction to help protect them from the elements while shooting outdoors.

The Laowa Full Frame Ranger Zoom Lenses are a great addition to the full-frame lens lineup. They provide photographers with a versatile solution for all kinds of shooting scenarios, and their lightweight and compact design makes them well-suited for travel. These lenses are an excellent choice for photographers looking for a lightweight and high-performing lens for their full-frame camera.

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