Kinefinity MAVO Mark2: The Pro Pack 6K S35 Digital Cine Camera for Unrivaled Creative Control

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Kinefinity MAVO mark2 6K S35 Digital Cine Camera

The Kinefinity MAVO mark 2 6K S35 Digital Cine Camera has been designed to deliver fantastic cinematic results in HDRAW and RAW formats.It is a powerful camera that is compatible with multiple lens mount types, giving filmmakers of all levels the opportunity to capture in 4K, 6K and 16K formats. It features a full-frame Super35 sensor, advanced overall performance, and advanced workflow capabilities.

Styles and Configurations

The Kinefinity MAVO mark 2 6K S35 is offered in two primary styles, Basic and Pro Pack.The Basic configuration is designed for filmmakers who require a robust camera that covers a range of cinematic needs. It comes with a modular frame, a lens mount, a battery kit, four rotating cages, and two PL or mount adapters. The Camera mount is configured to support dovetail mounts, which enables filmmakers to quickly and easily attach accessories.

The Pro Pack has everything the Basic Pack provides with the addition of the KineMOUNT and a PL Adapter. The KineMOUNT is designed for attaching third-party lens adapters, such as Canon EF,EF-S,PL, Nikon F or Micro 4/3. The included PL Lens Adapter enables filmmakers to attach cinema lenses. This configuration allows for a complete range of lens compatibility, giving filmmakers the freedom to choose from a variety of mount options.


The Kinefinity MAVO mark 2 6K S35 Camera has several features that make it an ideal choice for filmmakers. It features an impressive Super35 sensor, giving filmmakers the ability to capture a full-frame 6K up to 24 fps and 16K up to 8 fps, in both 12-bit RAW and 10-bit HDRAW format. It also supports recording formats such as ProRes 4444 and ProRes 422. The camera is equipped with a variety of picture profile settings including S-Log3/3G-1 Gamut and a wonderful slow motion capability of up to 2.5x on 6K.

The MAVO mark 2 6K S35 offers advanced features such as wireless monitoring capabilities, reporting and data management tools, and is powered by Kinefinity’s KineOS operating system. These features allow filmmakers to view their footage in real-time, as well as have complete control over their production workflow. Furthermore, filmmakers can expand their MAVO into a multi-point recording or streaming setup with up to 8 channels of simultaneous recording and 4 extra channels of audio over HDMI.


The Kinefinity MAVO mark 2 6K S35 Digital Cine Camera is a powerful and versatile camera that is ideal for a range of multi-format filming. It is offered in two configuration styles that give filmmakers the flexibility to choose the right option to suit their project. The camera comes with a wealth of features such as a full-frame Super35 sensor, extended recording formats, wireless monitoring capabilities, and a vivid picture profile settings, giving filmmakers the perfect combination of power and performance.

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