Kinefinity MAVO mark2: 6K S35 Digital Cine Camera with Infinite Possibilities

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Kinefinity MAVO Mark2 6K S35 Cine Camera – Next-Level Digital Innovation

The Kinefinity MAVO mark2 6K S35 is the latest evolution in digital cine camera technology. With the incorporation of a robust Pro Pack, the KineMOUNT, the MAVO mark2 offers a level of production value and quality unmatched in its class.

Stylishly Crafted and Ready for the Task

The MAVO mark2 is beautifully crafted, making it an attractive addition to any production set. Boasting an intuitive OS menu and compact form factor, the camera is easy to set up and ready to shoot.

Configured for Professional Needs

The Pro Pack, KineMOUNT, offers industry-standard connectivity with high-end professional lenses, as well as offering reliable operation with Canon EF and ARRI PL mounts. Its dual-function color LCD displays provide vital information to the operator, allowing them to control critical camera settings quickly and accurately.

Unrivaled Quality at an Affordable Price

The combination of the MAVO mark2’s 6K S35 image sensor and Pro Pack features make it the ideal choice for mid-level to high-end projects. Offering professional production quality and feature-set at an affordable price, the MAVO mark2 is an outstanding value.

Practical and Powerful

The MAVO mark2 6K S35 Digital Cine Camera with Pro Pack (KineMOUNT) is the perfect balance of practicality and power. With its robust design and feature set, it’s ready to take on any project with confidence and professionalism

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