JVC GY-HC900C20: Revolutionary 2/3″ HD Connected Camcorder with 20x Zoom

JVC GY-HC900C20 2/3

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JVC GY-HC900C20 2/3″ HD Connected Camcorder with 20X GYHC900F20

Experience the power of professional video production with the JVC GY-HC900C20 camcorder and its revolutionary 20X GYHC900F20 lens.

The JVC GY-HC900C20 2/3″ HD Connected Camcorder is an ideal choice for the professional videographer seeking to capture beautiful and detailed video footage. With its revolutionary 20X GYHC900F20 lens, this camcorder is capable of capturing epic footage, with amazing detail and definition. The GY-HC900C20 also boasts a number of convenient features such as built-in HD-SDI support and timecode support. This camcorder is able to access files over a wireless network and offers instant sharing capabilities with its IP compatibility. In addition, the camera is equipped with a large viewfinder as well as an intuitive touchscreen LCD monitor for monitoring your footage. This camcorder is designed to meet the demands of the most complex video shooting scenarios.

The GY-HC900C20 includes a 20x optical zoom lens, which is able to capture remarkable images at distances between 0.5 -20 m. The lens is built with an iris and focus ring for also manually setting the exposure and focus of your images. Additionally, the lens also includes Optical Image Stabilisation (OIS) for reducing shake and vibration, thus providing increased image stability. The quality of your recorded footage is guaranteed as the camcorder is also equipped with advanced low-light sensitivity.

The GY-HC900C20 is specially built to accommodate multiple workflows for streaming and even archiving content, making it the ideal choice for a wide variety of production scenarios. With its built-in Wi-Fi, you can easily control the camcorder and its lens remotely with a compatible mobile device. The GY-HC900C20 also eliminates the need for external recorders, as you can record directly to the camera’s internal memory.

With its advanced technology and convenient features, the JVC GY-HC900C20 is a powerful and reliable camcorder for all your video needs. Whether you are an amateur or a professional videographer, this camcorder is sure to satisfy your production needs. Get started with the versatile and reliable JVC GY-HC900C20 today!

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