Introducing the Upgraded Nanlite PavoSlim Line: New Sizes and Softboxes for Enhanced Lighting Flexibility

Nanlite Updates PavoSlim Line with New Sizes and Softboxes

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Nanlite Updates PavoSlim Line with New Sizes and Softboxes

Nanlite has announced updates to its popular PavoSlim series of LED panels, including new sizes and softboxes to enhance versatility and control for photographers and filmmakers.

New Sizes

Two new sizes have been added to the PavoSlim line, offering more options for users to choose from. The PavoSlim 6C is a compact 12-inch panel, while the PavoSlim 8C is a larger 18-inch panel. These new sizes cater to different shooting scenarios and provide flexibility for various applications.

Enhanced Versatility

The addition of new sizes expands the versatility of the PavoSlim line, allowing users to choose the panel that best suits their needs. Whether it’s for on-the-go shooting or a studio setup, the PavoSlim series now offers more options to cater to different production requirements.

New Softboxes

To further enhance control and light modification, Nanlite has also introduced new softboxes designed specifically for the PavoSlim panels. These softboxes provide a soft and even light output, making them ideal for portrait photography, interviews, and product shots.

Optimized Control

The addition of softboxes enhances the control and flexibility of the PavoSlim panels, allowing users to shape and direct the light to achieve their desired look. The new softboxes are easy to set up and provide a convenient solution for modifying the light output.

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