Introducing the RED DIGITAL CINEMA Komodo X

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RED DIGITAL CINEMA Komodo X Replacement

Red Digital Cinema’s Komodo X 710-0379 now has a replacement.Red Digital Cinema recently released the Komodo X camera replacement – the XR Module – offering users significantly better image quality, full control, and groundbreaking 5K recording.

The XR Module has incredibly powerful features for all users.It is the world’s first all-in-one production and post-production workflow camera. This new module offers 5K wide-dynamic-range recording, improved image quality with its advanced HDR color science and S35 sensor, and unprecedented integration into the RED ecosystem of accessories.

The XR Module is also much more versatile than the Komodo X 710-0379.The XR Module provides an incredibly diverse array of options, including Standard Dynamic Range (SDR) recording up to 6K at 60fps and up to 8K at 30fps. It offers additional color profile selections that are optimized to work for various genres of film or video production. In addition, the XR Module is capable of recording RAW and ProRes 422HQ or 422 with up to 16-bit color depth.

The XR Module has major benefits for both cinematographers and content creators.Cinematographers will benefit from its expansive flexibility and extensive built-in monitoring capabilities. For content creators, the XR Module has an array of advanced video editing and color grading tools that will help them bring their visions to life. Furthermore, with its advanced color management system and an integrated RED control app that allows for full remote control of the camera, the XR Module is an incredibly powerful tool.

The XR Module is the perfect upgrade for users of the Komodo X 710-0379.With its improved image quality, flexibility, and remote control capabilities, the XR Module is the perfect replacement for the Komodo X 710-0379. It will help users take their work to the next level and open a world of possibilities for content creators.

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