Introducing the New Tango Zoom Lens Line from DZOFilm!

Announcing the Tango Zoom Lens Line from DZOFilm

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DZOFilm Releases Tango Zoom Lens Line

DZOFilm Announces the Release of a New Zoom Lens Line

DZOFilm is proud to announce the launch of the Tango Zoom Lens line, a new line of professional lenses that offer superior detail, clarity, and ease of use. The lenses feature an integrated zoom mechanism that can be adjusted with just a twist of the wrist, allowing photographers to quickly and easily capture the perfect shot. The lenses have been designed to work with both DSLR and mirrorless cameras, allowing professionals the flexibility to choose the right lens for their needs.

Tango Zoom Lenses Provide Flexible Shooting Options

The Tango Zoom Lenses offer a range of focal lengths, from wide angle to telephoto, allowing photographers to capture a variety of perspectives without having to change lenses. The lenses are constructed from magnesium alloy and have a high-quality optical coating, which minimizes distortion, flare, and chromatic aberration. The lenses are also weather sealed and dustproof, making them ideal for shooting in harsh conditions.

State-of-the-Art Autofocus Technology

The Tango Zoom Lenses feature a built-in autofocus system that is fast, accurate, and reliable. The lenses also have an advanced vibration suppression system, which helps keep images sharp by reducing the effect of camera shake. The lenses also boast a fast aperture of f/2.8 and a robust focus ring, providing photographers with the ability to make precise adjustments.

The Right Lens for Every Situation

The Tango Zoom Lenses provide professionals with the ability to capture stunning photos in a wide variety of shooting scenarios. Whether shooting landscapes, portraiture, or wildlife, the Tango Zoom Lenses are up to the task. With its robust features, superior optics, and superior autofocus, the Tango Zoom Lens line ensures that photographers can capture their vision with ease.

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