Introducing the New L-Series Plus: ARRI’s Latest LED Spotlights

New L-Series Plus LED Spotlights from ARRI

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New L-Series Plus LED Spotlights from ARRI

ARRI, the renowned lighting manufacturer, has introduced an enhanced version of its L-Series LED spotlights. The new L-Series Plus offers advanced features and improvements on the already highly-regarded L-Series lineup.

Enhanced Performance

One of the key highlights of the new L-Series Plus is its enhanced performance. With improved color rendition and greater output, these spotlights offer superior lighting capabilities for a wide range of applications.

Extended Color Control

The L-Series Plus LED spotlights provide extended color control options, allowing users to precisely adjust the color temperature and tint to achieve the desired lighting effect. This flexibility is particularly valuable for creative lighting setups.

Advanced Connectivity

ARRI has integrated advanced connectivity features into the L-Series Plus, including wireless DMX and Ethernet connectivity. This enables seamless integration into modern lighting control systems and enhances the overall user experience.

Improved User Interface

The new L-Series Plus spotlights come with an improved user interface that facilitates easier navigation and control. Additionally, the inclusion of a high-resolution OLED display enhances visibility and usability in various lighting environments.

Energy Efficiency

In line with ARRI’s commitment to sustainability, the L-Series Plus LED spotlights boast enhanced energy efficiency, consuming less power while delivering superior performance. This not only reduces operational costs but also contributes to a greener production environment.

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