Introducing the iFootage SL1 200DNA Anglerfish LED Light: The All-in-One Lighting Solution!

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iFootage SL1 200DNA Anglerfish LED Light

The iFootage SL1 200DNA Anglerfish LED Light is the ideal companion for professional filmmakers looking to light their scenes with ease and precision. This powerful light fixture offers an impressive 200 watts of power, while still offering a relatively compact and lightweight design. It’s the perfect lighting solution for any filmmaker, whether they are shooting indoors or outdoors.

Powerful and Compact Design The iFootage SL1 Anglerfish is capable of producing a powerful output of up to 200 watt-seconds. Despite its impressive output, the fixture is surprisingly compact and lightweight, making it the perfect on-the-go lighting solution.

Dimmable and Adjustable The Anglerfish LED Light is dimmable, allowing users to adjust the intensity of the light to fit their particular needs. It also features adjustable tilt and pan movements, so users can direct the light where they need it to be.

High Color Rendering Index The Anglerfish LED light has a high color rendering index of 96, which means it delivers natural-looking colors with accurate tones and saturation. This makes it the perfect light for any filmmaker looking to create beautiful visuals.

Built-in Network The iFootage SL1 Anglerfish LED Light has a built-in network system, allowing users to remotely control the fixture from a smartphone or tablet. This makes it easy to adjust the light without having to be right next to it.

Overall, the iFootage SL1 200DNA Anglerfish LED Light is a powerful yet compact light fixture that is perfect for professional filmmakers. With its impressive output, adjustable tilt and pan movements, and high color rendering index, this light is sure to help filmmakers create stunning visuals

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