Introducing the Gigcaster 8: The Ultimate Streaming Mixer and Audio Command Center

BOSS Announces Gigcaster 8 Streaming Mixer and Audio Command Center

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BOSS Announces Gigcaster 8 Streaming Mixer and Audio Command Center

BOSS has announced the release of the Gigcaster 8, the world’s first mixer and audio command center to be specifically tailored for streaming. The new device is designed to provide audio professionals with advanced features, flexibility and powerful audio capabilities for creating high-quality audio content with confidence.

At its heart, the Gigcaster 8 is comprised of a powerful eight-channel mixer with premium digital performance. The design allows performers to connect mics, instruments and controllers to get started streaming, and offers up to 20 simultaneous sources for more complex setups. Equipped with a multi-strip mixer, the console provides smooth mixdown capabilities with extensive control.

The Gigcaster 8 is the perfect studio tool, offering advanced streaming capabilities. It includes two-band EQ with mid-sweep on all inputs, phantom power, powerful headphone outputs and a high-quality built-in DSP, featuring versatile reverb, chorus and delay. Dedicated talkback outputs and direct outputs give streamers the control they need to enhance their mixdowns and dial it in exact.

The Gigcaster 8’s convenient command center also maximizes efficiency in the streaming studio. It has an intuitively designed GUI with metering for quick at-a-glance viewing, and offers a variety of truly unique features. These include real-time audio effects, sound gate, compression and a multi-track recorder, all directly connected to the mixing engine for total control over every aspect of the stream.

The new Gigcaster 8 is an extremely powerful mixer and command center, offering robust streaming audio capabilities. Convenient, intuitive, and easy-to-use, it provides audio professionals with the ultimate in flexibility and control.

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