Introducing the EVO Max 4T: Autel’s Latest Drone Innovation

The EVO Max 4T: Autel's Newest Enterprise Drone

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The EVO Max 4T: Autel’s Newest Enterprise Drone

Autel Robotics has quickly emerged as one of the leading players in the consumer drone market. The company’s EVO Max drone series has been praised for its capabilities and robust feature set, and now Autel has taken its enterprise drone game up a notch with the release of the EVO Max 4T. The new drone offers impressive new features that make it an attractive option for larger enterprise-level operations.


The EVO Max 4T is equipped with a massive battery capacity of up to 6,000 mAh. This allows for longer flight times of up to 60 minutes, giving operators plenty of time to cover a wide variety of terrain and capture stunning footage. The drone also has a high-end 4K camera and a 3-axis gimbal stabilization system, which helps capture smooth aerial footage in a variety of conditions.


Autel has designed the Max 4T to be durable and reliable in extreme conditions. It is equipped with IP43 waterproofing, making it suitable for operating in a variety of weather conditions. It is also designed with impact protection, allowing it to survive impacts from up to 10 meters above ground-level.


The Max 4T features Autel’s latest drone operating suite, the Autel Powerutilis FlightHub. FlightHub allows for real-time tracking of flight data, allowing for instant notifications when a drone needs maintenance, battery change, or battery charging through its Flight Analytics Dashboard. The suite also features an intuitive user interface and extensive customer support.


The EVO Max 4T is a powerful and reliable enterprise-level drone from Autel Robotics. It offers a great battery life, a high-quality camera, robust durability, and an advanced drone operating suite. All of these features make the Max 4T an attractive option for those looking to expand their enterprise-level drone operations.

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