Introducing the Cutting-Edge RED Digital Cinema V-Raptor [X] 8K VV Camera Starter 710-0401

RED DIGITAL CINEMA V-RAPTOR [X] 8K VV Camera Starter 710-0401

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RED DIGITAL CINEMA V-RAPTOR [X] 8K VV Camera Starter 710-0401

RED DIGITAL CINEMA has officially unveiled its latest camera, the V-RAPTOR [X] 8K VV Camera Starter 710-0401. This advanced camera is setting a new standard for digital cinematography with its cutting-edge features and capabilities.

Revolutionary Technology

The RED V-RAPTOR [X] is equipped with revolutionary technology that pushes the boundaries of image quality and performance. It features an 8K Vista Vision (VV) sensor that delivers stunning resolution and detail, setting a new benchmark for professional filmmaking.

Compact and Lightweight Design

Despite its powerful capabilities, the V-RAPTOR [X] boasts a compact and lightweight design, making it incredibly versatile and easy to handle on set. Filmmakers can now capture stunning cinematic footage without being weighed down by heavy equipment.

Integrated REDCODE RAW Recording

The camera features integrated REDCODE RAW recording, allowing filmmakers to capture the highest quality footage with rich, true-to-life colors and unparalleled dynamic range. This delivers the ultimate flexibility in post-production, ensuring that every detail is preserved.

Modular Expandability

With its modular design, the V-RAPTOR [X] offers expandable capabilities to adapt to the specific needs of each production. It can be customized with a range of accessories and modules, including lens mounts, media modules, and more, to enhance its functionality and performance.

Intuitive User Interface

The camera features an intuitive user interface that simplifies operation and provides quick access to essential settings and controls. This streamlines the filmmaking process, allowing filmmakers to focus on capturing the perfect shot without being hindered by technical complexities.


The RED DIGITAL CINEMA V-RAPTOR [X] 8K VV Camera Starter 710-0401 represents the cutting edge of digital cinematography, providing filmmakers with a powerful tool to bring their creative vision to life. With its revolutionary technology, compact design, and modular expandability, this camera is poised to set a new standard for professional filmmaking.

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