Introducing the All-New Lume Cube Panel Pro 2.0 RGB LED Light Panel

Lume Cube Panel Pro 2.0 RGB LED Light Panel LC-PANELPRO2 B&H

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Lume Cube Panel Pro 2.0 RGB LED Light Panel: A Revolution in Lighting Quality

The latest invention from Lume Cube brings you innovation and power in a much more compact form. The Lume Cube Panel Pro 2.0 RGB LED Light Panel is the newest in a line of revolutionary LED lighting technologies. Combining powerful lighting performance with an ultra-thin profile, this light panel packs a punch in a size that won’t take up much space.

Aided with surface-mounted RGB LEDs, this light has a wide Color Rendering Index (CRI), up to 95. This ensures that the colors in photos are captured accurately and precisely, matching the real-world environment. Its high color accuracy also makes it suitable for use in video and film productions.

The Panel Pro 2.0 has a high lumen output, providing users with the power they need for professional lighting results. With a 10W LED output, equivalent to a 100W daylight-balanced tungsten bulb, this light panel can easily light up any space. It also has integrated Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, making it simple to control remotely with the free Lume-X app, available for iOS and Android.

The Panel Pro 2.0 is also designed to be convenient and easy to use. Its ultra-thin profile allows it to fit easily into tight spaces, while its robust construction ensures it can take a beating, no matter the environment. It features a detachable and adjustable light stand, and multiple power options make it easy to use at home or in the field.

The Lume Cube Panel Pro 2.0 is the perfect light for any situation. With its powerful, accurate lighting and its easy-to-use design, it is the perfect tool for photographers, videographers, and filmmakers alike. Whether you’re creating art indoors or outdoors, the Panel Pro 2.0 has you covered.

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