Introducing Steinberg’s New IXO-Series Audio Interfaces: High-Quality Sound for Your Studio

Steinberg Announces IXO-Series Audio Interfaces

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Steinberg Announces IXO-Series Audio Interfaces

Steinberg, a leading manufacturer of music and audio software and hardware, has announced the release of its new IXO-Series Audio Interfaces.

Compact and Versatile

The IXO-Series Audio Interfaces are designed to be compact and versatile, making them perfect for musicians and producers who need a portable yet powerful audio interface.

High-Quality Sound

These audio interfaces boast high-quality converters and preamps, ensuring that users can capture pristine sound for their recordings and performances.

Seamless Integration

The IXO-Series Audio Interfaces seamlessly integrate with Steinberg’s Cubase and other leading DAWs, providing users with a smooth workflow and easy access to their favorite software features.

Portability and Connectivity

With their compact design and USB connectivity, the IXO-Series Audio Interfaces are perfect for musicians on the go, allowing them to record and perform anywhere with ease.


The IXO-Series Audio Interfaces are set to be available at music retailers and online stores in the coming months, providing musicians and producers with a new, high-quality option for their audio interface needs.

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