Introducing Profoto’s New Clic Modifiers: The Latest Innovation in Lighting Technology

Profoto Announces a Trio of Clic Modifiers

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Profoto Announces a Trio of Clic Modifiers

Profoto, the leading manufacturer of photography lighting equipment, has just unveiled three new additions to their popular line of Clic modifiers.

What are Clic Modifiers?

Clic modifiers are a series of light-shaping tools that attach to Profoto’s C1 and A1 series of off-camera flashes.

The New Additions

The trio of new Clic modifiers includes a Clic Grid, Clic Gels, and Clic Dome.

Clic Grid

The Clic Grid is a honeycomb grid that allows photographers to control the direction and spread of light with precision.

Clic Gels

The Clic Gels are a set of color correction gels that can be easily attached to the Clic Gel holder, allowing for quick and seamless color adjustments.

Clic Dome

The Clic Dome is a dome-shaped modifier that creates a soft and even light, ideal for portrait photography.


All three new Clic modifiers are fully compatible with both the C1 and A1 off-camera flashes, providing photographers with even more options for creative lighting setups.


With the introduction of these new Clic modifiers, Profoto continues to demonstrate their commitment to providing photographers with high-quality, innovative lighting solutions.

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