Introducing Focal’s New Aria Evo X Speakers: The Ultimate Audio Upgrade

Focal Unveils New Aria Evo X Speakers

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Focal Unveils New Aria Evo X Speakers

Focal, a leading French audio company, has announced the release of their latest addition to the Aria range – the Aria Evo X speakers.

Enhanced Performance

The Aria Evo X speakers feature upgraded drivers, with Focal’s proprietary Flax cone technology, resulting in improved clarity and dynamics in the audio output.

Stylish Design

These new speakers come in a sleek, modern design with a range of wood finishes, ensuring that they not only sound great but also look great in any room.

Advanced Technology

Focal has integrated their latest innovations in speaker technology, including a new TNF tweeter and a vented tweeter system, to deliver a superior listening experience.

Immersive Sound

The Aria Evo X speakers are designed to provide an immersive sound experience, with a wide soundstage and natural tonal balance, making them perfect for both music and home theater use.


The Aria Evo X speakers are set to be available in stores and online retailers in the coming months, offering audiophiles the opportunity to upgrade their sound system with Focal’s latest innovation.

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