Improved Security: Dahua Technology Enhances Three-In-One and Night Color 2.0 Cameras

Dahua Technology Expands Three-In-One (TiOC) and Night Color 2.0 Cameras

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Dahua Technology Expands its Range with Three-In-One (TiOC) and Night Color 2.0 Cameras

Dahua Technology is offering an expanded range of security surveillance cameras with the introduction of their Three-in-One (TiOC) and Night Color 2.0 Models. Dahua Technology is one of the leading producers of advanced security cameras and digital videos systems. Recently they have taken their camera line to the next level with the introduction of their TiOC and Night Color 2.0 models.

The Three-in-One (TiOC) cameras offer the latest technology for an enhanced surveillance experience. Utilizing Dahua’s “triple stream” technology, the TiOC cameras can encode three streams at once, allowing it to deliver multiple quality levels of video streaming. The cameras can store up to four streaming profiles and are capable of day/night vision with ambient lighting compensation. They can also support multiple signal outputs, including HD-CVI, HD-TVI, AHD and Analog.

Night Color 2.0 cameras are available in a range of resolutions, ranging from 1.3MP to 5MP. The cameras feature improved low light performance as well as wide dynamic range (WDR) to deliver high-quality images in varying light conditions. Additionally, the cameras have improved noise reduction functionality to minimize image noise and distortions. The Night Color 2.0 cameras also include features such as digital image stabilization, audio input/output and tamper detection.

The new products are a welcome addition to the Dahua Technology line-up. By introducing the TiO and Night Color 2.0 models, Dahua Technology has further diversified their product offerings to meet the needs of their customers. The new cameras offer high-end security surveillance solutions that are suitable for a variety of applications.

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