Illuminate Your Projects With the ZOLAR Blade 60C 150W LED Basic Kit

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Zolar Blade 60C 150W LED (Basic Kit)

Experience the power of lighting. The ZOLAR Blade 60C 150W LED (Basic Kit) is a perfect addition to an artist’s arsenal of lighting tools. This versatile lighting kit includes one LED lighting panel, one built-in AC adapter with power supply, and two pair of mounting yokes. It is quiet and portable, making it easy to transport and use for a variety of shoots.

Professional Quality

Make your mark with beautiful lighting. This kit is designed for maximum efficiency and flexibility in lighting image quality. It produces a bright, natural looking light with adjustable settings. The lighting panel is encased in an aluminum body ensuring maximum heat dissipation and longevity. The blade design of the panel also provides a pleasant aesthetic that can be used for both interior or exterior shooting.

Features and Benefits

Get excellent results every time. With its adjustable settings, the ZOLAR Blade 60C 150W LED (Basic Kit) can be used for a variety of lighting applications. The simple, easy to use design makes it easy to adjust settings on the fly. The lighting panel can also be used in continuous flashes for Fast Fashion Photography or Artistic strobes for creative cinematography. It also features various color temperature settings from tungsten to daylight, allowing the user to choose the right setting for their shot.

The Bottom Line

Light the world with beautiful lighting. The ZOLAR Blade 60C 150W LED (Basic Kit) is an affordable and essential lighting tool for any artist looking to make their mark. The lighting panel’s adjustable settings and aluminum body give the user maximum control and longevity. This kit is an easy to use and reliable choice for any photographer or filmmaker looking to capture the perfect image.

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