Illuminate Your Content Creation with the Lume Cube 18 LED Ring Light and Smartphone Holder

Lume Cube 18

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The Ultimate Lighting Solution for Content Creators

Light up your content with the Lume Cube 18″ LED Ring Light. This innovative lighting solution is designed to enhance the quality of your photos and videos, providing professional-grade lighting for all your content creation needs.

Professional-Quality Lighting

Say goodbye to harsh shadows and uneven lighting. The Lume Cube 18″ LED Ring Light delivers soft, flattering light that will make your subjects look their best. Whether you’re shooting beauty tutorials, product demos, or lifestyle videos, this ring light will ensure that your content looks professional and polished.

Convenient Smartphone Holder

Stay hands-free while recording with the built-in smartphone holder. This feature allows you to easily position your smartphone at the center of the ring light, ensuring that you always have the perfect lighting for your selfies, vlogs, and live streams. The adjustable holder can accommodate a variety of smartphone sizes, making it a versatile and practical tool for content creators.

Adjustable Brightness and Color Temperature

Customize your lighting to suit your needs with the adjustable brightness and color temperature. Whether you prefer warm, natural, or cool lighting, this ring light has you covered. With easy-to-use controls, you can dial in the perfect lighting for any environment or subject, giving you the flexibility to capture the perfect shot every time.

Compact and Portable Design

Take your lighting on the go with the compact and portable design of the Lume Cube 18″ LED Ring Light. Perfect for travel, outdoor shoots, or home studio setups, this ring light is lightweight and easy to transport. Wherever your content creation takes you, this ring light will be there to provide professional-quality lighting.


Upgrade your content creation setup with the Lume Cube 18″ LED Ring Light. With its professional-quality lighting, convenient smartphone holder, adjustable settings, and portable design, this ring light is the ultimate lighting solution for content creators who demand the best.

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