How to Create Stunning Wide-Angle Portraits with Scott Robert Lim

Wide Angle Portraits, with Scott Robert Lim

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Wide Angle Portraits with Scott Robert Lim

Scott Robert Lim has mastered the unique art of wide angle portraiture. His work is characterized by its inventive use of wide-angle lenses combined with a classic, artistic approach which gives rich expression to the face of his subject.

For him, wide angle portraits bring out the unique beauty of each person. His wide angle portraits have a unique look and feel to them that other portrait photographers simply cannot emulate. The wide angle captures the subject in their entirety and gives depth to the photo, making for stunning images.

Scott Robert Lim also uses specialized lighting techniques to enhance his wide angle portraits. By skillfully blending and balancing ambient and artificial light, he is able to create high quality images with a distinctive depth of field and lasting impact.

In addition to his perfect lighting techniques, Scott Robert Lim also experiments with different perspectives. He is able to make the person in the portrait appear larger than life, by playing around with the perspective, angles, and camera focal lengths.

With his amazing talent for wide angle portraiture, Scott Robert Lim has won multiple awards. His work has been featured in various publications and his clients include professionals and celebrities from around the world.

You can enjoy the unique art of wide angle portrait photography with Scott Robert Lim. To discover the amazing beauty that this style of portrait photography brings out, visit Scott Robert Lim’s website and see some of his work.

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