Hollyland Expands Solidcom C1 Pro System With Hub and Accessories

Hollyland Adds a Hub & New Accessories to the Solidcom C1 Pro System

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Hollyland Adds a Hub & New Accessories to The Solidcom C1 Pro System

Hollyland is expanding its product range with the new Solidcom C1 Pro System. The system includes an HDMI-enabled hub and a range of new mounting and power accessories, designed to enhance the functionality of the C1 Pro wireless video transmitter.

The new hub provides easy access to four HDMI inputs. It has a large HDMI loop output, allowing signal distribution to multiple HDMI devices. The hub also allows for quick and easy device switching, ensuring users can change between different HDMI devices quickly and easily.

In addition to the hub, the C1 Pro system now includes a range of mounting accessories. These accessories allow users to easily attach the C1 Pro transmitter to cameras, tripods, or other professional filming equipment. The accessories enable users to quickly secure the transmitter and ensure it is firmly in place.

Hollyland has also added a range of new power accessories. This includes an AC power adapter that allows users to plug a C1 Pro transmitter into AC power outlets. The system also includes a DC power cable, which can be used to power the C1 Pro from a DC power source.

The Hollyland Solidcom C1 Pro System is now available worldwide. It has been designed to make wireless video transmission easier, faster, and more reliable. With the addition of the new hub and accessories, the system can now provide enhanced functionality to a wide variety of users.

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