Heritage Unveils i73 PRO Series: The Latest in USB-C Audio Interfaces

Heritage Announces i73 PRO Series USB-C Audio Interfaces

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Heritage Announces i73 PRO Series USB-C Audio Interfaces

Heritage Audio, a leading manufacturer of professional audio equipment, has announced the release of their new i73 PRO Series USB-C Audio Interfaces. These cutting-edge interfaces are designed to provide high-quality audio recording and playback for professional and amateur musicians alike.

High-Quality Audio Recording

The i73 PRO Series interfaces feature pristine audio capture with ultra-low noise and high headroom, allowing for crystal-clear recording of instruments, vocals, and more. Whether you’re recording in a studio or on the go, these interfaces deliver exceptional sound quality.

Easy Connectivity

With USB-C connectivity, the i73 PRO Series interfaces offer fast and reliable connection to your computer or mobile device. This ensures seamless integration with a wide range of devices, making it easy to get up and running with your recording sessions.

Flexible I/O Options

These interfaces feature a variety of input and output options, including XLR, 1/4″ TRS, and MIDI connections, providing versatility for any recording setup. Whether you’re plugging in microphones, instruments, or MIDI controllers, the i73 PRO Series has you covered.

Intuitive Control

The interfaces are equipped with intuitive controls and LED metering, allowing for easy monitoring and adjustment of input levels. This makes it simple to keep track of your recording levels and ensure optimal audio quality.

Compatible with Leading DAWs

The i73 PRO Series interfaces are compatible with leading digital audio workstations (DAWs), including Pro Tools, Logic Pro, Ableton Live, and more. This enables seamless integration with your preferred recording software for a smooth and efficient workflow.


The i73 PRO Series USB-C Audio Interfaces are set to be available for purchase soon, offering a powerful and versatile solution for audio recording and playback. With their high-quality audio capture, easy connectivity, and flexible I/O options, these interfaces are sure to be a hit among musicians and producers.

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