Hasselblad’s XCD 25mm f/2.5 V Lens: A New Ultra-Wide Perspective

Hasselblad Goes Ultra-Wide with XCD 25mm f/2.5 V Lens

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Hasselblad Goes Ultra-Wide with XCD 25mm f/2.5 V Lens

Hasselblad, renowned for its high-quality medium format cameras and lenses, has introduced the XCD 25mm f/2.5 V Lens, offering photographers an ultra-wide angle option for the X1D and 907X camera systems.

Ultra-Wide Perspective

The XCD 25mm f/2.5 V Lens provides a 19mm equivalent focal length in 35mm format, allowing photographers to capture expansive landscapes, architectural details, and immersive interior shots with stunning clarity and detail.

Exceptional Image Quality

With a maximum aperture of f/2.5, the XCD 25mm lens delivers exceptional image quality, even in low light conditions, while maintaining precise sharpness and minimal distortion throughout the frame.

Compact and Lightweight Design

Despite its ultra-wide angle capabilities, the XCD 25mm f/2.5 V Lens is remarkably compact and lightweight, making it an ideal option for photographers who prioritize portability and versatility in their gear.

Versatile for Creative Composition

Photographers can use the XCD 25mm lens to experiment with unique perspectives and creative composition, bringing a fresh approach to their photography with dynamic wide-angle shots that emphasize depth and dimension.

Compatibility and Integration

The XCD 25mm f/2.5 V Lens seamlessly integrates with Hasselblad’s X1D and 907X camera systems, offering a seamless experience for photographers who rely on Hasselblad’s cutting-edge technology and precision optics.

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