Hasselblad Launches New XCD 28mm f/4 P Lens for Professional Photographers

Hasselblad Announces XCD 28mm f/4 P Lens

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Hasselblad Announces XCD 28mm f/4 P Lens

High-performance optics for medium-format cameras. Hasselblad recently announced the upcoming launch of its new XCD 28mm f/4 P lens, the latest addition to the XCD lenses for medium-format cameras. This lens is designed to enhance the performance of medium-format cameras in both studio and outdoor shots.

Optimal Image Quality

Exceptional optics for detailed shots. The XCD 28mm f/4 P lens is designed to provide optimal image quality, with sharpness even at the edges of the frame and minimal distortion. The lens uses a double-sided aspherical element and two glass-molded (GMo) aspherical elements, plus one extra-low dispersion (ED) element to minimize chromatic aberration. And for maximum image quality, the lens features an F stop range of f/4 to f/22.

Compact Size

Lightweight and portable for travel photographers. The lightweight design makes this lens ideal for travel photographers who prefer to have a portable setup. The lens also has a removable lens hood for added portability. The lens measures 81.5mm in length and weighs just 355g, making it the most compact lens in the XCD range.

User-Friendly Features

The convenience of auto-focus and optical image stabilization. The XCD 28mm f/4 P lens also features a convenient auto-focus system that is both fast and quiet. And for improved low-light performance, the lens comes with optical image stabilization (OIS) to reduce camera shake. Additionally, the lens is compatible with all XCD cameras for easy use.


Get the most out of your medium-format camera. The new XCD 28mm f/4 P lens will be available for purchase soon. Check with your local Hasselblad dealer to find out when it will be in stock in your area.

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