GVM Unveils Professional-Grade SD Bi-Color LED Monolights

GVM Announces Pro SD Bi-Color LED Monolights

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GVM announces Pro SD Bi-Color LED Monolights

GVM has announced the launch of its Pro SD series of bi-color LED monolights, designed for photographers, filmmakers, and videographers. The monolight provides creative professionals with an impressive lighting tool that can be controlled remotely over the mobile app and also features a RGBWW color mixing offering 360° of natural color.

Unparalleled Brightness

The new Pro SD series is designed to provide users with the brightest and most efficient LED light source available. The monolight produces an impressive 3,200lux at 0.5m in 5600K daylight balance, giving users unmatched brightness that rivals traditional studio lights. The Pro SD also features a variable CCT design that allows for a color temperature range of 2700K to 7500K, as well as 10%-100% dimming control with no flicker.

Portability and Versatility

The Pro SD monolights are designed for ultimate portability and versatility. They are lightweight and compact units that can be mounted to a light stand, ceiling, or wall, giving the user the option to use it in any environment. The monolights can also be linked together, creating a large, powerful setup that can be controlled from a distance with the GVM mobile app.

Powerful Mobile App

The GVM mobile app allows users to control and customize the lighting setups with complete ease. The app enables the user to change the color temperature, set brightness levels, and adjust intensity for multiple lights. The app also features a grouping feature, allowing users to group lights into custom groups for easy control.

Final Thoughts

GVM’s Pro SD series of bi-color LED monolights is an impressive lighting tool for creative professionals. It features an unparalleled brightness, portability, and versatility, making it the perfect choice for those looking for a powerful and easy to use LED monolight. The GVM mobile app makes controlling the light easy, allowing users to customize and control their lighting setup with ease.

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