GVM Pro SD650B Bi-Color LED Light: Creating an Iterative Revolution in Lighting

GVM Pro SD650B Bi-Color LED Monolight (650W) GVM-PRO-SD650B B&H

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GVM Pro SD650B Bi-Color LED Monolight (650W)

The GVM-PRO-SD650B is a powerful bi-color LED monolight that provides up to 650W of continuous lighting for any professional application. It features a quiet fanless design, built-in Wifi for remote control via the GVM-Workview app, and is compatible with V-mount batteries for on-location shooting. The LED panel is dimmable from 100-10% and sports a robust color temperature range of 3200 – 5600K for a variety of lighting scenarios. It offers an impressive CRI of 95, providing rich and accurate colors, and can be adjusted to HSV values for color control and accuracy. The monolight is powered via AC, but also includes a DC power input for use with a battery or external power supply.

The GVM-PRO-SD650B LED monolight comes with a host of additional features that provide even more versatility. It is equipped with an external power input for powering an external battery for on-location shooting. The monolight also includes an integrated 25W LED modeling light which is compatible with both E27 and Bowens S-mount accessories. The barndoors offer adjustable light control and are designed to fit the shape of the LED panel for an even light output. It also features both a 5/8 inch light stand mount and a ΒΌ inch mount, making it compatible with most lightstands and tripods.

The GVM-PRO-SD650B LED monolight is the perfect choice for videographers, photographers, and filmmakers who demand consistency, quality, and reliability in their lighting equipment. Whether you’re shooting in the studio or on location, the GVM-PRO-SD650B LED monolight provides a powerful and reliable light source that can be relied upon to deliver professional results. If you’re looking for a reliable LED lighting solution that can provide a wide range of lighting scenarios, the GVM-PRO-SD650B LED monolight is the perfect choice.

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